Daniel Grutsch
Planespotter - World Traveler - Lightning, Night and Nature Photographer
Singapore Airlines A380 9V-SKI in SG50 livery approaching Zurich Airport.
View from Victoria Peak towards central Hong Kong on a quite foggy day.
Marina Bay in Singapore.
Hong Kong on a clear night as seen from Victoria Peak.
Getting in touch with the Cumulus clouds near London.
Lightning as seen from my home.
Blue Iguana on the Cayman Islands.
Cumulonimbus with Mammatus clouds.
Leaving Hong Kong into the beautiful skies of southeast Asia.
Spring is coming.
The Excalibur in Las Vegas.
A Hotrod captured in Pleasanton.
Swiss Airbus A340 HB-JMB on approach to Zurich Airport.
Thunderstorm approaching my home.
Singapore Airlines Airbus A350 at Gate in Hong Kong.
Turkish Airlines A340 on approach to Zurich Airport.
The beautiful SG50 livery on Singapore Airlines' A380.
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